Minnesota husband and wife team develop product to give surgical patients more dignity in the O.R. and after

A product developed by a Minnesota husband and wife team could make all of the internet memes about exposed backsides in hospital gowns obsolete, and give patients more dignity before, during, and after surgery.

Co-founder and president of COVR Medical Heather Levy said her husband is Dr. Bruce Levy, a Mayo Clinic orthopedic and sports medicine surgeon, who performs many hip surgeries and conceived of the idea.

“During these procedures, patients are completely exposed below the belt,” she explained, “And, really, the only method of covering an exposed patient was a blue towel and despite everyone’s best efforts it often shifted out of position.”

Levy said COVR Medical modesty garments solve this problem by completely covering the patients’ groin and backside areas while still allowing medical professionals access to surgical sites before, during, and after the procedure because, “Patients want that privacy and protection and respect throughout the course of their medical care.

Having surgery is already stressful enough and Levy said, “Appearing naked in front of multiple medical professionals causes them and parents of children, adolescents, just so much more stress.”

They’ve been in use on the Mayo Clinic Rochester campus for some time and are now being distributed to other medical centers across the country.

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