Minnesota legislators hit deal by leaving out the man who had to sign it

Standing in the foyer of his Tudor-style St. Paul residence last Friday, his tired staff and commissioners around him, Gov. Mark Dayton waited to hear from the legislative leaders who had thwarted him all year.

Bankers befuddled as marijuana becomes big cash crop

The U.S. government has opened a new line of business for America's biggest banks, and for once they don't want it. Little wonder: it's cash from legalized marijuana.

Charley Walters: Glen Taylor expects Flip Saunders to keep coaching Wolves

It looks like Flip Saunders will coach the Minnesota Timberwolves again next season.

High school basketball: Gary Trent Jr. stepping out from father's shadow

Attending Timberwolves games and hanging around the locker room at the end of his father's NBA career, Gary Trent Jr. couldn't help but wonder if he could ever be as good a basketball player as his dad.

Joe Soucheray: Dayton's 'hate public schools' comment crosses the line

The governor seems to have drifted off, to where we don't exactly know, but wherever he is, the color of the sky is different. He claims that some Republican legislators hate public schools.

Minnesotan Les Schrenk survived WWII. Now, he knows why.

Sunday night, Les Schrenk will watch a war story on TV -- about himself.