Going to see Garth Brooks? 6 things you should know

    Garth Brooks wants to make history. That's one of the reasons he's kicking off an 11-show run at Target Center on Thursday on a tour that could stretch into 2016 and beyond.

    White Bear Lake nursery closing, Lakeshore Players moving in

    When Bruce Bauer was 10, he started working at the garden center on Payne Avenue , just across the street from his grade school in St. Paul.

    Why are Rob Lowe and Matthew McConaughey doing TV ads?

    Rob Lowe may have left "Parks and Recreation," but suddenly he's on TV more than ever. You likely know this because you've been bombarded by those weird DirecTV commercials where his alter-ego, "Super Creepy Rob Lowe," only has regular cable and is therefore a potbellied weirdo who lurks at public pools.

    Review: CBS streaming isn't worth cutting the cord, yet

    I dropped my cable TV service more than a year ago and have been relying on Netflix, Hulu and other services to fill my television needs. But I get my shows at least a day late. With CBS' new All Access streaming service, I can watch shows right when they air.