Mankato Police commander says National Police Week is a reminder of the dangers of the profession

This is National Police Week, which is meant to pay tribute to those that have died in the line of duty, and also serve as a reminder that officers who pin on a badge and tuck a gun into a holster at the start of each shift put themselves at risk every day in order to protect their communities.

Mankato Department of Public Safety Commander Jeremy Clifton said, “It’s a reminder for us that are in this service what an honor it is, a privilege it is, to serve any community – but especially this one – and yet, how dangerous this job is.”

Clifton said the department has been fortunate never to have had a line-of-duty death of an officer, “Although day-to-day the percentages are very low that you’ll actually have to engage or might be in peril, or that your life might be in jeopardy, that is a sobering fact.”

Whenever an officer is killed on the job, Clifton explained it creates a ripple effect on not just the officer’s department but the police community as a whole and, “Those ripples are waves to those family members and police departments, because we have a family here that is a second home. When you lean on a brother or sister to make sure that your life is not in jeopardy, working in a dangerous profession at times, this is a second home. It has to be.

Minnesota’s fallen officers were memorialized Tuesday on the grounds of the state capitol.

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