• LEADING OFF: Bryant Tries Again, Giants Get Their Rings

    LEADING OFF: Bryant tries again, Giants get their rings, Zimmermann hopes to bounce back

  • As Spurs Know, International Players Can Impact NBA Playoffs

    Beyond the Spurs' stars, many lesser-known international players can impact NBA playoffs

  • Worry about Phil's eye, not Melo's knee

    Carmelo Anthony is going to be fine, as he is the most natural scorer the New York Knicks have had since Bernard King. He will get his knee rehabilitated over the summer, and he will come back next season to score 25 a night -- and probably do some of the other things required of an NBA player who is??a little better than he is given credit for. Phil Jackson? Now there's a recovering star worthy of your concern. As a rookie team president, all Jackson did was prove that he was a hell of a head coach, and that maybe Red Auerbach had a point -- beyond his petty jealousies -- when he said the man who had replaced him as the league's all-time lord of the rings had never built anything. Jackson is the reason Anthony made a public confession Thursday that you don't often hear from big-name athletes in noisy, big-time markets. Asked if there were times during this ungodly 17-65 season when he thought he'd made a mistake sticking with the Knicks over the ...

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